Bluedart Tracking

Bluedart Tracking

Blue Dart is one of the most reliable logistics companies which India has to offer. It offers premium services at premium prices and delivers premium results. Most consignments with them are most often on time and in perfect health. However, just to put you at ease and track the progress of your consignment, the following is the guide to tracking your package.

How to Track your Blue Dart Package

Tracking your Blue Dart Package is relatively quite simple. All you need is the Waybill Number which you receive when you hire them to ship and handle your package. It is a contract which claims that the responsibility of the shipped items rests with them while it is being shipped, right until the destination is reached. This is done mainly for a variety of legal and logistics related reasons. Now, to track your package,

Air Waybill

The first method is if you have been given an Air Waybill Number. This is generally the case with most consignments, however, some may give you a reference number instead of a Waybill no. For the other, check below. If you have a Waybill number, this method is going to suffice for you.

  1. Search for the Waybill Number on your receipt.
  2. Select Waybill from the options.
  3. Enter the Air Waybill Number into the text field.
  4. Click on track.
  5. You can now track the location of your package.

Reference Number

The second method is if you don’t have a Waybill Number, but you have a Reference Number instead. This is a rare case, but possible nonetheless.

  1. Search for the Reference Number on your Receipt.
  2. Select Reference Number from the given options.
  3. Enter the reference number in the text field.
  4. Click on track shipment.
  5. You can now track your shipment from anywhere in the world.

BlueDart Customer Support

In case you have any complaints or issues you would like to raise, you can contact Blue Dart via the following methods. We own no responsibility for your package or the contents inside of it.

A Little more about Bluedart

Blue Dart is a premium logistics service headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is primarily concerned with Courier Delivery Services and is a subsidiary of Blue Dart Aviation and operates primarily in South Asian Countries. It was first conceived in 1980. In 2004, DHL invested 120 million Euros in them and has been a major shareholder in the company ever since.

The company, as a part of the DHL group, delivers consignments to over 35,000 cities in India and covers over 200 countries globally. It is one of Fortune 500’s India’s Largest Companies and a part of Forbes India’s 50 Super Companies. The company also follows the principles of Climate Protection, Disaster Management, and Education. Now that’s one way to build some rapport globally. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Bluedart Coverage

Blue Dart exemplifies international courier delivery and logistics while covering most areas of India. While the company itself extends to all parts of India for its courier delivery services and serves over 35,000 cities in the process, it only caters to Southern Asian countries. However, with the joint help of DHL, it is able to increase its access to over 200 Serviced Countries all across the globe including the USA, Africa, Europe, The Middle East, as far as East Asian Countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, and more.

The enterprise has a global scale presence and delivers all consignments on time despite handling hundreds of thousands of packages globally every single day. With so much reach across the globe, punctuality and quality of service become quite difficult to manage. However, that’s exactly what it manages to deliver time and again. That’s why they’re a truly premium service.

Blue Dart Prices

Blue Dart is a premium service which offers premium services. Below are the prices for all kinds shipment services, local and global.


(in Kgs)

Zone 1

<200 Km

Zone 2

<500 Km

Zone 3

<1000 Km

Zone 4

<1500 Km

Zone 5

<2000 Km

Zone 6

<2500 Km

Zone 7

<3000 Km

Zone 8

<3500 Km

Zone 9

<4000 Km

Zone 10

<5000 Km

Zone 11

>5000 Km

2 4068 5122 5452 5592 5794 5876 5007 6496 5154 7195 8081
4 5624 7085 7639 7838 8103 8282 7008 9288 7238 10057 11732
6 6782 8515 9505 9668 9991 10212 8782 11994 9118 12657 15040
8 7650 9559 11005 11204 11579 11764 10370 14602 10830 15061 18064
10 8518 10603 12505 12740 13167 13316 11958 17210 12542 17465 21088
12 9022 11327 13681 13892 14339 14572 13082 19022 13998 19473 23252



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