Gati-KWE Tracking

Gati-KWE Tracking

Gati-KWE is a multinational corporation covering shipments across India as well as abroad. It offers a wide range of products and services which are innovative, to say the least. Keeping a customer based experience in mind, they also provide for many customer-friendly solutions alongside those offered by most businesses. The following is an article which aims to guide you through the process of tracking your shipment.

Steps to Track Gati KWE

Tracking your shipment with GATI-KWE is quite simple. All you need is the Docket Number which is printed on your Waybill. You can make without the Docket Number and use the reference number instead if you want, but the former is more common as the latter is generally what is handed out to people. Follow the steps below to track your parcel.

Docket Number

A Docket is basically a list stuck on the courier which enlists all the contents inside it. Gati-KWE would primarily track with a Docket Number unless it is partnering up with another agency. You can track your courier using your Docket Number in the following manner:

  1. Search for your Docket Number on your Waybill.
  2. Choose Docket Number from the given options.
  3. Enter the Docket Number in the text field.
  4. Click on Track.
  5. You can now track your shipment through all its transit as soon as it is updated.

Reference Number

Instead of using the Docket number, you can elect to use the Reference Number as well if you have it. You’ll have a Reference Number in case Gati-KWE decides to partner up with another company to meet your demands. Do it as follows:

  1. Search for your Reference Number on your Waybill.
  2. Choose Reference Number from the given options.
  3. Enter the Reference Number in the text field.
  4. Click on Track.
  5. You can now track your shipment through all its transit as soon as it is updated.

That’s all there is to it.

Customer Support and Helpline

In case your package gets lost, misplaced, or damaged, GATI-KWE will refund you your entire amount as well as provide you compensation for the articles inside of the package. However, if you have any queries or complaints about them, you can contact them via the means below:

  • Send them a mail at
    Gati Ltd.
    Plot No.20, Survey No.12,
    Kothaguda, Kondapur,
    Hyderabad – 500084.
  • Send them an email at [email protected]
  • Call them on +91 1860-123-4284.

About Gati-KWE

GATI-KWE was the first company to start Express Distribution services in India as early as 1989. It was also one of the first companies to print its delivery date on the docket and offer a money-back guarantee, by accepting payment after producing proof of delivery. They first started operations between Madras and Madurai. That was where they had started.

After over twenty years of service, the company has now reached astounding heights, delivering to 19,000 PIN codes across India while covering 672 districts out of 676. Just four districts away from complete coverage. It has a workforce of over 6,000 workers managing over 3 million square feet of warehousing space, over 308 offices managing those warehouses while dealing in conjunction with more than 7,100 Business partners and associates which in turn facilitates a fleet size of more than 5,000 trucks. That’s something for the statistics.

The enterprise also offers innovative services for both Business corporates as well as the everyday consumer which includes services like End to End Logistics, Warehousing Solutions, e-commerce Logistics, Transportation, Express Distribution, Express Distribution, Cold Chain Solutions, Trading Solutions, and Freight Forwarding among many others. Business simply does not get any more diverse or innovative than them.

Gati-KWE Presence

It should suffice to say that GATI-KWE services 672 districts in India out of 676. It covers 19,000 PIN codes all across India. Even though its main hubs are located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata, they can travel to almost any destination in India to deliver your package right to any doorstep. Even the four districts which are currently left out will soon be under the jurisdiction of their company. In addition to covering 99.4% of India, the enterprise also operates international shipments and can deliver your package to a wide variety of countries outside of India as well. It should suffice to say that the reach of the company is more or less comparable to that of an empire.

Gati-KWE Pricing

GATI-KWE has quite a few services and charges differently for each of those services. You may find a few rates interesting among the following. As for the rest of them, we’re working on getting price charts from them. We’ll update the charts here as soon as we get them.

Premium Flexlite

Premium Flexlite is an economic service for air shipments. They take as much as three days to deliver your shipment while charging as much as Rs.60 per Kg.


Laabh is another name for their economic road shipments facility which allows you to send a shipment as heavy as 20 Kg for just the price of Rs. 440.

Desk to Desk Cargo

Desk to Desk Cargo is a road shipment which can deliver documentation as heavy as 5 Kg in five days while charging Rs. 220 for the same.

Secure Box

Secure Box delivers important documents up to 10 Kg over the air for the price of Rs. 450. They deliver these shipments overnight.

Excess Baggage

The company also offers services for the delivery of Excess baggage at airports overnight for the price of Rs. 2,145 for up to 15 Kg and Rs.3,817 for baggage up to 30 Kg. You can alternatively opt for the surface delivery which takes a week to deliver but is also comparatively much more economic.


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